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Hair bumps could be dangerous, see ways you can prevent and manage it.

Bumps are caused by ingrown hair. It develops when cut hairs grow downward into the skin instead of growing outward. This occurs as bumps on the surface of the skin. Bumps may be itchy and irritating. It is usually seen in the neck region and some times, the facial region. Bumps can grow bigger if not properly managed immediately one starts noticing them.

How can you treat bumps at home? ( home remedies)

Once you notice bumps on your head, you have to be mindful of where and who gives you a haircut. It can grow so fast and leaves scars on the head.

The following practices can be very helpful.

 * Dip a towel in hot water and press the region you notice the bumps immediately after a haircut. Do this repeatedly up till three days after each haircut.a long

* Avoid Carving or shaping your head during the haircut, this will help prevent the cutting or puncturing of the already present bumps.

* Maintain a particular Barber, avoid going from one barber to another, this sometimes can help to prevent further injuring of the already present bumps.

* Apply hydrocortisone cream or antifungal cream on your head and the bump region after you are done with a haircut. For me, 'nixoderm tube' works perfectly.

* Wash your hair with shampoo that contains salicylic acid immediately after a haircut.

* If you already have bumps that are growing bigger, please avoid regular haircuts. Do not shape your hair to avoid injuring the bump. 

* You can also take antifungal medication to dry up the bump at the early stage, although this drug should be prescribed by a doctor.

Ways you can prevent bumps or rash after a haircut or shaving

1. Wash your hair with cold water immediately after each haircut.

2. Wash the head with antibacterial soap.

3. Apply hair oil or hair cream with menthol after a haircut to help soothe the hair.

4. If part of the head is bleeding due to a cut, press it with a towel soaked in warm water.

5. The barber should barb by moving the clipper in the direction of hair growth

7. Apply aloe vera gel after each haircut or shaving.

8. Mix baking powder with water to form a paste, apply the paste on the areas that bumps are likely to occur, allow the mixture to dry and then remove it.

9. For facial hairs, moisturize your face with water before shaving. Also, shave lightly with less pressure on the clipper or shaving stick.

10. Do not wear tight underwear after shaving.,

There is nothing that can make someone uncomfortable like itching coming from clipper/razor bumps and rashes. These little things I have enumerated above will go along way to take care of bumps.

Remain healthy and live longer.

Content created and supplied by: ChrisGerry (via Opera News )


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