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Are You A Career Woman? These 7 Fashion Tips Will Help You Look Stylish During The Rainy Season

How beautiful are those rains when you are inside the house, sipping your beloved tea and feeling warm. But surely, it doesn't last long because there's somewhere to go and work to do. Rainy season can be very disturbing mostly for career women that have to go out for work but that is nothing to worry about if you are trying to look cute and stylish.

Instead of letting a rainy day get you down, you can dress it up cheerfully. From soaked clothes to squishy shoes, your perfect ensemble could be in havoc just because of a light shower from above. Aside from having a shower cap, umbrella, and jelly shoes on hand, you'll also need to change your dress code to match the weather. From fashionable and waterproof outerwear to shoes that are a bit more rain-friendly, these are the tips, tricks, and outfit ideas you need to get through the rainy season in style.

So are you a career woman? These few fashion tips will help you get through the rainy season.

1. Invest in cropped pants: Rainy season is the best time to rock your cropped pants because they won’t drag on the wet ground

2. Wear Dark Colors

Dark colours are less transparent when they get wet. Aside that, they tend to hide spots and stains better than light colours.

3. Invest in a jelly bag: Aside from getting rubber shoes, get a jelly bag and store your leather bags for a while. Jelly bags are just as fashionable as leather bags and come in a variety of styles. If jelly bags aren't your style, patent leather bags are a terrific alternative.

4. Bring out your blazers: You might not have worn your blazer during the dry season due to heat but now the weather is cold, it's the right time to rock those blazers

5. Long-sleeved shirts: If you are the type that don't usually wear long sleeved shirts, now is the time to get some. For a more professional look, pair them with a sleeveless jacket.

6. Midi skirts are great for the season:

Give your wide leg pants a break and bring out those midi skirts. They help to keep you warm and still maintain a formal yet stylish appearance.

7. A simple corporate style Opt for corporate style dresses. Maxi dresses and bodycon dresses should be avoided

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