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Fashion Mistakes Nigerian Women Make

Have you ever made fun of someone wearing the wrong dress, but you still think she's beautiful? Yeah! We are all fond of that without knowing it. We tend to find ourselves complementing or criticizing someone's dressing in our hearts. 

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It could just come to our mind that " ooh...this lady is beautiful o, but why is she dressed this way? Is it that her mirror deceived her?" We can't say the mirror used was not wrong, as it must have worked well. It's just that she failed to take cognizance of the mistakes in her dress style. 

Nigerian women are fond of flowing with the fashion trend, always wanting to roll with the fashion style in vogue.

As good as this is, it is, without doubt, to say that there are some mistakes that Nigerian women make in a fashion that beat down their elegance. These mistakes, as little as they may seem, go a long way in making a lady's dressing horrible. Some of these mistakes include:


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* Dressing with the undies strappings or line showing. Some ladies are fond of dressing with their pant line or bra straps showing. They would be beautifully dressed, but the instant they turn or walk, and you see their back view, you would be like, "what's this?" The pant line would be so obvious. Some would even wear thick line pants when they know they are putting on a fitted dress. While some, it's their bra straps that would be out for everyone to see. They are not just conscious of it; the bra will stay outside on its own instead of being well placed under the dress.

* Wearing transparent dresses. It's one thing to wear a good style, it is another thing to wear a good material. Some Nigerian women are fond of wearing transparent dresses. The dress would be nice but would be showing everything under it. Everything the dress is meant to cover is revealed even with the dress on. You would even go as far as knowing the color of their undies.

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* Wrong sizes of clothes. Nigerian women can also at times take things to the very extreme, for instance, wearing clothes that are too loosed or those that are too fitted. Clothes should be of proper sizes; they should have a shape where necessary, at the same time, they should not be too tight.

* Too much jewelry. Some Nigerian women are fond of showing the world that they have more than enough jewelry. They use earrings, beads, neck chains, bangles, rings, and so on, at the same time. All of these complicate dressing and deny the dress of its simplicity and beauty.

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* Showing too much skin. All in the name of fashion, some Nigerian women would be dressed with their cleavages, waist, and laps all out for the world to see. In fact, to some, it would be as if their breasts are about to fall off from their dresses. Beauty is not all about revealing - decency should be the key.

* Unbalanced shoes. Some dress in the wrong kind of shoes, thereby making their dressing unbalanced. Wear a comfortable and fitting shoe, not a shoe that would make you walk in an unappealing manner.

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* Too much make-up. Imagine a lady having on a beautiful dress with shoes, and a bag then, she does some terrible make-up on her face, that will be terrible, right?. Make-up indeed adds or enhances the beauty, but it can also abuse beauty if excessively applied.

All these, amongst others, are some of the mistakes Nigerian women make in fashion. If all these mistakes are corrected, then the fashion sense of Nigerian women would almost be without flaws.

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