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Use this Simple Ingredient to make Hair Relaxer at Home. Stop Wasting Your Money Buying Relaxer

Making of hair relaxer

Relaxers are used to straighten up curly hair on the scalp and to help the hair's undergrowth grow out. It allows the hair to be smooth so the combs can have convenient access to their job when they are combing. When applying relaxer to the hair and washing it off, it allows the hair to easily plait.

People buy all sorts of hair relaxers on the market and use them on their hair, some are good and others are poor, depending on the condition of the hair. But I will show you quickly how to make home hair relaxer that works for all hair styles.

Using these basic ingredients to make home hair relaxer and avoid wasting your money buying relaxer here and there.

Sodium hydroxide is the basic ingredient;

This sodium hydroxide is poured in a bucket of water and then allowed to stay for 24 hours

Other ingredients includes:

Cetyl alcohol

Industrial oil

Petroleum jelly


Pour the cetyl alcohol in a heated pot

Add the petroleum jelly to it and heat until it all fades.

Then add the industrial oil and heat it up for a bit. Bring it down after that, and turn off the heat source (gas or stove)

Then use a stirrer and stir for a very long time before adding the pre soaked sodium hydroxide

The mixture then turns white at this point, as you continue to stir. Upon making sure you've mixed it very well, quit for a day so it gets thick.

Transfer to the container of your choosing as it thickens.

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