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15 Stunning Triangle Box Braids Style That Can Inspire Your Next Hairdo(Photos)

Braid hairstyles aren't exactly new to the majority of people all over the world. We're all familiar with the styles' adaptability and one-of-a-kind trend. African braided hairstyles are completely unique and a form of art that only a few people can master. Patience and professionalism are required. Those who enjoy art and creativity enjoy imitating similar trends, and gone are the days when you thought these styles could only be tried out by Africans.

Triangle box braid is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles for ladies. This protective hairstyle is great for women wanting a new do while growing out their natural locks. These looks will persuade you to go for the triangular box braids when you go to the saloon next time,

1. Jumbo Triangle Box Braids: Triangle jumbo braids create a unique star-shaped pattern. This protective braided hairstyle lasts between four and six weeks and looks great with a pop of color, like this sunshine yellow.

2. Medium Triangle Box Braid: Medium box braids will make your hair appear thicker than it is if your hair isn't as thick as you'd want. Purple highlights will brighten up your dark tresses, and the hairstyle will look great worn up or down.

3. Small Triangle Box Braids: This style helps your thin hair look thicker and also keep it protected stylishly is with a small triangle box braided hairstyle.

4. Triangle Box Braids For Little Girl: Children are not left out. You can help your little girl look good with triangle box braided hairstyle.

5. Knot less Triangle Box Braids: These knot less braids start with your own hair with braids fed in for a more natural look.

6. Burgundy Triangle Box Braids: Burgundy is a beautiful color that looks great on dark complexion. Reap the benefits of the hair color by rocking it on thick box braids piled high into a half updo bun.

7. Blue Triangle Box Braids: Blue triangle box braids are stunning. All you have to do is to decorate a few strands with silver beads for a special accent and leave braided ends loose for a boho look.

8. Triangle Box Braids With Curly Ends: The micro-braided hairstyle is protective and chic, while the loose ends show off s*xy texture.

9. Triangle Crochet Box Braids: This look mixes tiny braids with loose wavy strands for a truly glam feel.

10. Ombre Triangle Box Braids: Wrap the top half of your hair in a thick round bun for a style that is versatile for work, weekends, or that special event.

11. Triangle Box Braids With Beads: Chunky box braids get a boho vibe from silver beads and strands wrapped in white elastic.

12. Bohemian Triangle Box Braids: To achieve the long and luscious bohemian look, weave in tiny box braids with loose wavy or curly hair.

13. Triangle Box Braided Bun: When you want your hair out of the way, a high bun full of box braids will keep you stylish and chic all day long.

14. Blonde Triangle Box Braid: Blonde hair color is well-known for flattering dark skin.

15. Triangle Box Braids With Side Part: Side parted box braids stun in a bright orange color. The hair accents are shells instead of beads and the white wrapping is another extra detail that adds to the style.

Photo credit: Instagram

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