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Natural Body Art: Henna Designs For You To Try This Ramadan

Body Art: Henna Designs To Inspire You This Ramadan 

Henna which is called Mehndi in India as we all know it is a preparation made from plant gotten from the henna tree. A dye is prepared from the plant gotten from the popular henna tree and is used in body art.

The special dye which is natural can be gotten from three different trees, which includes, the henna tree, the Egyptian privet and the mignonette tree. It doesn't matter which tree you got your own plant from, as long as you got a plant from any of the trees mentioned, the outcome is effective and all you'd need to make an henna designed body art is your artistic creativity.

It is to be noted that the plants and trees aside from having almost similar dye results, the sole species of the genus Lawsonia.

Henna is also refer to the temporary body art resulting from the staining of the body from the produced dyes .

Incase you didn't know untill now, Henna is not only used for skin or body art but also used from ancient times to dye the litter layers of the skin, the hair and fingernails which is known in Nigeria as laali, henna is also used in dying textiles and fabrics.when dying fabrics with henna, it is effective on a couple of fabrics which includes silk, wool as well as leather.

Let's focus on Nigeria. Nigerian ladies are used to using henna which is called laali here for beautification of the skin most especially the hands and legs. During Ramadan, eid, Nikah wedding ceremony and a host of other celebration, ladies love using the henna to design their body and some henna designers are just so creative and make irresistible designs. If you are one who seek a design for this eid or you're a bride who's looking towards having a creative Beautification done on your skin with henna. Let this article inspire you. Leave us a comment on how you feel.

Thank you .

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