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Reasons Why Queens Love To Wear Purple Clothes With headwraps And Beads

A queen is a woman who rules over a kingdom. Queens are generally known for their love of and commitment to the area of fashion. Every queen is a model for her subjects, so as a result of that, she needs to be mindful and intentional about her physical appearance.


Dressing well isn't just about wearing any random clothes. Dressing well requires a meticulous selection and combination of the most suitable outfit, and this is one of the reasons why queens usually dress like this.

We have noticed that queens usually wear purple native outfits combined with gele headwraps and beads, but most of us don't know why. I'll list some reasons in this write-up.

1. Beads are usually used to signify culture and tradition. We've seen people wear beads in traditional ceremonies, and a queen is fully into traditional activities, so she wears beads to display her cultural beliefs.


2. Queens combine head wraps, purple cloth and beads because the purple attire won't look beautiful and complete without beauty accessories like a nice head wrap and bead. 


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