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8 Tips For Walking In Heels More Effortlessly

Mastering the art of walking in high heels needs time, practice and a few practical precautions, just like learning any new talent. It's critical, for example, to ensure that you're wearing the correct shoe size.

That's a remarkable statistic, and it refers to a relatively easy alteration that can have a significant impact on how you walk in heels - not to mention the fact that wearing the correct shoe size will enhance your overall foot health.

That, however, is only the top of the iceberg. Here's some expert advise from around the web to help us all walk in heels a little more confidently.

1. Size Does Matter

First and foremost, ensure that your heels (or any shoe, for that matter) are the correct size. Your foot will slide around awkwardly if they're too big. If your shoe is too tiny, your foot will feel cramped, making walking painful both physically and metaphorically.

Once a year, have your feet sized, and do it if you've never had them done before. Always double-check your size before you go shopping.

2. Take it Slowly.

When it comes to trying on heels, the same rule applies. "If you've never worn high heels before, don't start with 5-inch stilettos – that's a recipe for agony and possibly injury".

Instead, in order to get used to the feeling, start with a lesser heel or wedge, such as a 2-inch heel or wedge. You may always progress to your most dangerous heels.

3. Pay Attention to the Rest of Your Body.

Walking from heel to toe helps to distribute the impact to the leg rather than the ball of the foot. And make sure your hips and knees are relaxed so you can move fluidly and gracefully. It's similar to when you pat your head while rubbing your tummy at the same time. It seemed impossible at first, but you eventually settle into a routine.

4. Take a break.

It's not wrong to take a seat now and again. It will allow your feet to relax, allowing you to stroll more comfortably when you are on your feet.

5. Allow yourself to be moved by music.

When you're walking in flip flops or flats, you don't think about every step you take, so don't overthink how you walk in heels. You will appear odd if you concentrate too intently, consider walking to a rhythm instead.

6. Look for Soles that Are Sturdy.

Your feet will not be well supported if you wear shoes with paper-thin soles.

Choose a style made of a more robust material if at all possible.

The raised sole and padded foot bed of this heel help to absorb impact. Furthermore, a rounded toe is always more comfortable than one with a pointed toe.

7. Take It Slowly

For a reason, heels aren't worn in gym class, so take your time walking in them. Wearing heels automatically shortens your stride, so you'll need to take more steps than usual. Also, in high heels, don't expect to be able to walk as quickly as you typically do.

8. Break In The Bottoms.

Scratch the bottom of your soles with sandpaper.

It may seem unusual to intentionally scuff up a brand new pair of shoes, but slick soles provide no traction on hard surfaces like hardwood and tile. Scuff them up a little to help with this. If you don't have any sandpaper, take a walk down the sidewalk.

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