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See Funny Pictures of What I Expected From my Tailor and What I Got

When you saw beautifully made cloth wore and posted by some people on social media which you may have interest on and desired that your tailor would sow an equivalent one for you, do have it at the back of your mind that tailors are not the same, as there are professional and unprofessional ones.

My people says and I quote "Make me the type of hair style Agines made, is your face as same as Agines face?

Before you tell your tailor to sow the same style of cloth you screenshot online, ensure that you have the same body with the person wearing it. Many ladies you see online always take their time to work out everyday to get the body they desired, if you are not the keeping fit type, there's no way you would wear the same clothe (s) they wore and expect to have the same result.

Whenever you want to sow a particular style that you admire so much, always consider shape before doing so. Some tailors will not make heaven as people normally said is not when you know that your shape is not what to write home about, and you insist on having such style, however what you get at the end, I will advice you not to blame your tailor.

Some people you see on social media wearing those beautiful designer cloth bought it very expensive online and is been made of quality material, and you want the type you bought or sowed with 2k material to look exactly/have the same fitting with the expensive one? Is not done that way.

People should learn how to cut their clothes according to their available material (s)rather than doing what they will regret at the end. Stop trying to be what you are not, I know what is good for the goose might be also good for the gander. Dont forget in some situations it does not.

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