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Are The Cracks In Your Heels Deep. Then Try This Simple Trick To Get Rid Of It.

Cracked heels are very tedious. They hurt, they can tear when catch on something, they are not nice to look at either. Yes of course, you will want to get rid of them and get your heels back to normal, but sometimes is seems very tough and difficult to accomplish but not with this trick.

Sometimes the solution for something is very simple but is seems hard to believe it will actually work. That is the case with this solution of a cracked heel as well, you don't need any physician or expensive product, as long as you have gotten this simple ingredients in your kitchen.

CORNSTARCH (corn flour).

cornstarch is very effective against those cracked heels of yours and its very easy to use as well.

This is how you should use the cornstarch, powder your heels with your heels before you go to sleep. Makes sure the crack are properly covered with the cornstarch. Then put on a socks and go to sleep. Rinse away the cornstarch and after awhile, you will notice that your heels are starting to heal and smooth again.

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