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Updated: New Traditional Attires With Unique Styles For Couples

Yoruba introduction ceremony is a very common in Nigeria, this is done to unite two people together.

The first thing is that the couple made proposal to each other, by using of proposal ring to know if the male and female truly wants to be with each other, for the rest of their life.

Secondly, is the formal introduction to each other’s families. This ceremony takes place before the couple gets married. Both groom and bride would like to look at their best during the introduction ceremony.

There is no generally fixed cloth for the couple, on their wedding day, the bride is expected to be dressed decently and looks gorgeous.

Mostly women put on the traditional wears known as "Aso ebi" it is strongly recommended that for the introduction ceremony, you try out one of the Yoruba native wears.

Your outfit should be fashionable and make a great first impression on the groom’s family.

At times it can be difficult to choose the outfit that completely matches your personality and taste, and is still fashionable.

You do not have to wear anything that does not make you entirely comfortable, but you will definitely want to go beyond your usual limits this time.

This article will inspire you to prefer traditional attire.

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