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Learn How To Make Your Own Natural Carrot Soap At Home For A Smooth And Flawless Skin

Carrot is a fruit rich in carotene, carrots are rich fruits which improve the overall health of the body. Many cosmetic industries ise carrot to produce soaps, body wash, face masks etc.

When carrot is used to make soap, it moisturizes and helps to tone the skin leaving it flawless.

Do you know you can produce your own natural carrot soap at home for a smooth and flawless skin, without buying commercially produced carrot soap?


1. Water

2. Lye

3. Olive oil

4. Vitamin E

5. Palm oil

6. Coconut oil

7. Stick blender

8. Plastic bucket

9. Soap mould

10. Carrot

How to make

N.B Wash and grate the carrot to extract the juice.

1. Add a water into a plastic bucket, mix lye and leave for some minutes.

2. Add the palm oil, coconut oil and olive oil, allow to melt under medium heat ( to avoid destroying the essential ingredients) and allow to cool.

3. Mix coconut oil mixture with water lye mixture, add the carrot juice and stir properly.

4. Grease the soap moulds with little oil, our the soap mixture into mould and allow to cool for 24-48 hours.

5. Your natural carrot soap is ready for use.

Try making your own natural carrot soap at home today for smooth flawless skin.

Content created and supplied by: Ladyglow (via Opera News )

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