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3 Fashion Moments Of Saskay After Her Eviction From The Big Brother Naija Show.

Many people referred to Saskay as a black beauty, this is because she has a formidable skin and knows the perfect shade of outfit to compliment it with. Fashion is more than rocking expensive outfits in public, but understanding how well it fits and looks good on you.

When it comes to rocking exquisite outfits, leave it to Saskay, she has been phenomenal since her exit from the big brother show. There are different materials of outfits that she rocked over the years, due credits should be given to the fashion designers who make them.

Saskay rocked different outfits over the years, but these 3 made her stand out even among the crowds.

1. The traditional outfit.

This outfit is crucial to the Yoruba tribe, it portrays their culture and traditions in a certain way. Saskay rocked the Ankara dress style with exquisiteness, making her the center of attention. The dress style is short, stopping a few inches above her knee level.

2. The long yellow gown.

This is another outfit rocked by the beautiful lady, she understands the assignment when it requires her to look alluring in fashionable outfits. The yellow gown is a bright color, complimenting her dark skin tone perfectly.

It is a long and overflowing gown, having no form of patterned design on it. Saskay believes in decent outfits, she doesn’t expose sensitive parts of her body in her dress styles.

3. The long white gown.

This dress style is unique in different ways, has mild sophistication that make the wearer alluring to the human eyes. Saskay looked outstanding rocking this dress style, it outlines her body curves while covering sensitive parts of her body.

The material has transformed materials from the stomach level down to her legs, having a wine colored material to cover the sensitive area of her body.

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Saskay Yoruba


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