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Some Dos and Don'ts of Plus Size Fashion

In the fashion world, being plus size refers to size 18 and above. You can be plus-size and quite fashionable. Although there are some rules you should follow to make you step out boldly in style. Keep reading for some dos and don'ts in plus size fashion. 

1 The very first thing is to accept your body. You need a right and healthy amount of self-confidence. This is important, being self-conscious will make you dress shabbily without even knowing it. Ensure you boost your confidence. Look into the mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself! 

2 Do not hide in baggy clothes! It is essential to be comfortable in whatever you are wearing but hiding in baggy clothes is in no way acceptable. Note that wearing layers of oversized clothes will make you look shabby and unflattering. You can sort your wardrobe to get rid of everything baggy. 

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3 Do buy correctly sized clothing. It is easy to buy clothes bigger than you are or even buy them in smaller sizes. You may hope to fit into these clothes one day, but then do not gget obsessed with buying clothes that are not your size. This could lead to a lot of clutter and stress when you need to select outfits. Ensure that you are rightly sized for every outfit you want to buy.

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4 Do Experiment! You can try out different styles to just get an entirely different look. Do not limit yourself to just a set of styles. Find your expression! 

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Are you plus-sized? Step out in boldness and confidence like the Queen that you are. Did you find this article encouraging? Let me know in the comments below.  


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