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History and Present: 5 Things That Have Changed Beyond Recognition Over Time

Imagine how the world would have looked if Technology and other good things of life didn’t improve for the better? Over time, manufacturers have improved various technology to make life easier and better for humanity.

Here are 5 things that have changed beyond recognition over time;

1.      Life Jackets:

Life jacket are personal flotation device. It can also be called life preserver as it’s a piece of equipment designed to assist a wearer to keep afloat in water. The modern life jacket is generally credited to one Captain Ward, a Royal National Lifeboat Institution in 1854. According to research, life jacket has saved millions of life worldwide.

2.      Socks:

Sock can be seen as a leg protector or covering before shoes are worn. It first appeared in Egypt as far back the 3rd century. The strange gap between the toes of the ancient socks proves sandals were mostly worn during that era.

3.      TV Set:

Currently, televisions are the most popular thing you can find in almost every home in the world. The first mass production of televisions was set up in Germany in 1934 as it was mostly found in wooden box. Coming back to 2020, we have various types of TV set like LED, LCD and even smart Televisions.

4.      Sunglasses:

The first sunglasses were meant to protect you not from sun burn, but from snow blindness and they were produced using wood and other non-transparent materials. But now, it’s not just for sun protection as its also worn for fashion.

5.      Washing Machine:

Growing up, people would always criticize the use of washing machine as they feel it is meant for lazy people who can wash with their hands as they see hand washing method as the best. Washing Machine was first introduced in 1851 and was operated by means of a hand-crank. What about the sound it produces? The sound was more like a grinding machine as it is mostly keep in a different room due to the sound. 

These items just showed how important technology has improved over time. 20-30-years from now the new we know will surely be looking horrible to the next generation. 

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Egypt Royal National Lifeboat Institution Socks


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