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Ways to Dress Sharp Without Wearing a Suit

No doubt, a suit makes you look smart and elegant within a second. But it comes with some responsibilities. First, it can be heavy on the body. Secondly, suits can make you feel camped; thereby, clipping your freedom. Well, you don't have to stick to a suit before you appear smart. There are varieties of ways to switch up your style while ditching a suit.

Read to the end to find out the various ways you can dress without wearing a suit.

1. Switch your suit jacket

A good way to give your suit a break is to exchange it for a blazer or sport cloth. These cloth pieces are more relaxed and offer you more freedom than a suit. Wear it with a shirt of your choice and a fitted pair of trousers. 

2. A buttoned-down shirt and trouser

This merge is a cool and effortless way to look sharp. Get a light shade of the shirt and wear it with smart cotton pants.

3. Forget the shirt

Instead of your regular shirt, a nice sweater can make you look smart in your outfit. Although this is weather-determined, you can go for a lighter sweater. Pair with chino trousers and Oxford shoes.

4. Tuck in your denim

Instead of wearing your denim shirt as a jacket, a better way to look sleek is to tuck it in and wear a nice brown belt. Get a pair of leather sneakers to make a statement. 

5. Unstructured jacket, shirt, and chinos

Trust me; jeans are not out of the formulas for dressing up. A thick cotton T-shirt will blend well underneath a free jacket. Swap the trouser for fitted chinos and step out in your sneakers.

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