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The Outfit Challenge - Fashion Rules To Break

This challenge is otherwise called the outfit breakfast challenge, and it urges individuals to flout age-long fashion rules and make intense fashion proclamations. Rules, they say, were made to be broken anyways.

5 Fashion Rules You Can Break

1. Stripes and Plaid Are a No-no 

You likely heard this one ton of times, and you presumably still keep it as well. In any case, things will undoubtedly change since top big names are pioneering the path for flouting what can be viewed as probably the most seasoned principle of fashion. Make certain to toss in the ideal heels or boots. 

2. No Pattern on Pattern Combos 

This standard is most certainly why our two-piece garments are worn independently. Presently, notwithstanding, things are evolving. Join the exploring group and rock your two-piece with your full chest. Simply adhere to a typical topic. 

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3. Loose Clothes Are Unflattering 

Whoever made this standard unmistakably didn't see into what's to come. From vintage tops to sweetheart pants and coats, loose garments have now turned into an exceptionally well-known fashion thing - and in light of current circumstances. 

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4. Outline Dresses Are Unflattering 

Obviously, this standard was made before belts were designed. Pair any outline dress with a belt and shoes and let me know you don't feel enabled.

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