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Check Out The Common Factors That Can Affect Your Hair Growth

According to Healthline, we have numerous factors that affect proper hair growth, and those factors are revealed below, so you can take note of them, and avoid them if possible, to save your hair and enjoy a healthy hair.

1. One of the major factor that alters the proper growth of hair is genetics or family history of hair loss. Once you have a family history of hair loss, then you have higher chances of having hair loss as well.

2. Another factor that can influence hair loss is the hormonal changes, and lack of adequate nutrition. Therefore, always enjoy healthy nutrition because it plays a positive role on your hair.

3. Certain medications, like chemotherapy, can also alter the proper growth of your hair.

4. Stress is another major factor that can alters your hair growth, so you should always manage your stress level to benefit your entire health.

5. Another common factor that can alter the proper growth of your hair is recent weight loss of 20 pounds (9 kg) or more, and also certain trauma that damages follicles.

6. Lastly, certain diseases or conditions that as well alter the proper growth of your hair. Therefore, always treat any noticed ill health or disease, to avoid great damages to your health.

Conclusion: The above listed are some factors that can alter your proper hair growth, which you should beware of, and avoid them if possible.

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