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Stylish ways you can rock your Adire (tie and dye) prints

"Adire" is a Yoruba word which means' tied and dyed'. It is a very unique African dress print. It is achieved by tying a plain piece of clothing (mostly white) in strategic ways and areas and soaking the clothing material into a dye which gives it a beautiful pattern.

There are many ways Adire print is created. There is the traditional way which includes; tying the clothing piece with rafia to repel dye in the area tied or using stones (Adire Oni ko), using starchy maize or cassava paste which serve as a resist agent to draw patterns on the piece of clothing (Adire eleko), stiching the clothing with thread before dyeing to create fine lined motifs (Adire Alabere) and there are so many other methods developed upon experiment.

The mordern way of producing Adire prints now involved the use of imported synthetic dye, using was resist batik method, and so many advanced method which doesn't require much man-power, and doesn't take long to be done unlike the traditional methods which takes days and weeks depending on how many yards.

This very beautiful African print is so easy to style because the print is naturally beautiful and it's doesn't need much beautification. Below are the simple but stylish ways to slay in your Adire prints that makes all attention shift to you.


I hope you've found at least one style that suits your taste.


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Adire African Yoruba


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