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Beautiful Beaded Braids For Adults(Photos)

There are a lot of braiding and cornrowing hairstyles that you can choose from but one thing that will make you stand out from the crowd is your accessories. Beaded braid hairstyles is not only for kids but also for adult. It gives you a “queenly” look, therefore, wear it with pride. Beads comes in various shapes, colors and designs, so it is left for you to choose the one that will look good on you.

1. Ghana Braids with Beads

Ghana Braids is a popular braiding style among African and African American women. It consists of cornrows that can be of varying lengths. Adding beads to this hairstyle gives it a glamorous look.

2. Short Knotless braids with Beads

Knotless braids are well patronized by black women because it is considered as a protective hairstyle . This hairstyle gives a great fit on well relaxed hair. These short braids looks breathtaking with beads.

3. Beaded Tribal Braids

Tribal braids is among the braiding styles patronized by classy Ladies. So many female celebrities have been spotted rocking this hairstyle and it is motivating. Most ladies prefers this hairstyle with beads because of its “royalty” look.

4. Jumbo knotless Braids and Beads

Jumbo braids are big braids. Adding beads to these braiding styles makes bold statement. You can choose any color of bead that you desire, note that because these Braids are visible themselves, choose cool bead colors for it.

5. Blonde Braids

Do you want to go “Blondie”? Remember to add cool colors of beads to it. Don’t choose bead colors that will give you an unpleasant look. Blonde braids are great when rocked appropriately.

6. Box Braids with Beads

Box Braids are the most popular braiding style. It comes in various sizes and lengths too. One of the reasons why it never stops trending is that it can last for months still looking good. Add beads to these Braids for a captivating look.

7. All back Cornrows with Beads

These hairstyles are recommended when you want to pull the braids away from your face. Ladies are falling in love with this hairstyle recently and the beads makes them adorable.

8. Short Hairstyles with Beads

Short hairstyles gives you a great comfort and can be stylish too. Whether tiny, medium or bold, style it appropriately. You can equally achieve these Hairstyles with your natural short hair.

9. Short Braids with fringes and beads

These braiding styles are already stylish. The beads added to them will make you to look like a Princess. These hairstyles are popular among South African women, but you can equally rock them too.

10. Beads on Locs

Locs whether on a natural hair or as an extension can be added beads and other hair accessories. Style it appropriately and enjoy the look.

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