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She used empty can coke to style her hair; creative or not ?

See how a model use an emptied can coke to design her hair.

She is a model, and as we all know, models are very creative and always trying out new things. They create and invent new things and make it look fashionable. Here is one of those creative moments.

Check out the pictures below you can see how she is looking all glamorous and sexy. That is number one attributes of a good model. What ever you are putting on, make it look fashionable and attractive with your posture and confidence. who could have thought that an empty can coke can be use to style? Now, this is another attribute of a good model. They always invent things beyond imagination

and she is Al's able to capture people's attention with her innocent look. That is where confidence and innocence come into play. the last but not the least, keep them wanting more.

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