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Try this trick if you want a longer hair.

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Hair is considered as the second fastest growing cell in the body. The fact that our hair grows fast does not apply to everyone . The way you maintain your hair tells if it would be long or short.

Below are some ways which you can make your hair fuller, healthier and longer.

1. Let scissors be your friend

This may sound a bit strange because you want a longer hair not a short one. Scissors helps to get rid of split ends .

Trimming your hair whenever split ends occur helps makes your hair grow longer because it prevents the breakage from reaching the root of your hair. If you can do this exercise every two weeks trust me you would see changes on your head.

2. Use of hair masks

There are natural and artificial hair masks which improves the quality of your hair but natural hair masks are more efficient because they do not have any chemicals that can lead to hair spoilage.

You can try out making hair masks at the comfort of your home. Try using onion masks, egg mask and other food items.

Apply fruits and vegetables to your hair

Fruits serves as supplements to enhance hair growth. Applying fruits like pear, orange, coconut, carrot and some other fruits helps in opening your hair pores and provides nutrients to your scalp to enable them grow faster. if this idea sounds somehow to you, you can as well juice the fruits and apply them to your hair scalp .

Do not wash your hair too often

This may sound strange but it is the truth. Neat hair makes hair grow and appear nice but if you wash your hair too much it has some disadvantages. If you wash your hair too often with shampoo and conditioner , the artificial chemicals in those products gradually removes the nutrients in your hair. So it is advisable to wash your hair 3 times a week.

Let your hair breath

Tying your hair tightly with rubber bands can cause a lot of damage to your hair without you knowing. Rubber bands causes split ends in hair and makes them shorter . It is advisable to let your hair be loose so as for air to reach your scalp .

Use of alcohol when washing your hair

Weird right ? Do you think alcohol can only be used for consumption after cooling? Try this trick and see the wonders. Boil alcohol, mix with your shampoo when washing and see good results . For some hair, results would not occur immediately. Just do this trick continuously and you would see the rapid increase in your hair volume and length.

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