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3 Simple Ways To Differentiate Quality Made Clothes From cheap Ones

People should be meticulous when it comes to buying clothes to avoid getting attires that are of low quality. There are lots of benefits from buying quality clothes, such as better stretching strength, long lasting, it also boost the confidence of the person wearing it.

There are so many clothes manufacturers, sadly not all of them make their clothes with top quality materials, some brands tend to cut cost when producing clothes in order to gain more profits. In this article we are going to be looking at three ways you can use to identify quality made clothes.

1) Check the light ray permeability

It is okay for light to pass through garments, but when the intensity of the sun or light rays passing through the clothes is really high, there is a chance it is a cheap cloth. The reason why this test works well is because light rays easily passes through a thinly woven garment.

2) Check the weight

The technical term for checking the weights of clothes is called "GSM" which means Grams Per Square Meter. What this entails is basically clothes with more weight tend to be of higher quality then those with lighter weight. A good example are sweaters and hoodies, if these clothes are heavy then it will last longer and keep you warmer.

3) Check the resilience of the material

Quality made clothes have high resilience to pressure, This test can be done by simply taking a piece of the garment and crumbling up into a ball with your fist, then letting it go. When this is done and there are minimal wrinkles on the clothes, then it is of good quality, but if you see lots of wrinkles than it is a cheaply made garment.

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