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Different Simple Hair Care Products You Can Prepare By Yourself

Nowadays people are going natural with so many products. Gone are the days when chemical products was of high demand. By that, I will be looking at how you can take care of your natural hair with simple natural products. Some of these products are things you already know but my advice is, with constant use, you will get to see the result of using them.

Simple Hair Care Products:

1. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil can help keep your hair healthy by reducing protein loss from hair and it can penetrate deep into the hair shaft as it contains medium chain fatty acid called lauric acid which leaves your hair healthy and without breakage.


Get as many matured coconuts as you want, break the coconuts, remove the shell and water, cut them into tiny pieces and blend. After blending, sieve the charf from the water and keep in a freezer, after a while, the oil will separate from water. Scoop out the oil alone leaving the water. Place the oil in a pan and heat a little. Your coconut oil is ready to use.

2. Carrot Oil:

This oil is very effective for both growth and breakage prevention in hair due to its richness in nutrients and the beta carotene in it is effective for conditioning the hair. Carrot oil is very useful to moisturize the scalp and I know you won't go wrong using this oil on your hair.


Get your carrots, peel the skin, wash and grate. Pour coconut oil or any other oil of your choice in a pan, add the grated carrot into the oil and place on a low heat for like 30 minutes. Remove it from the heat, allow to cool, sieve and package the oil for use. Your carrot oil is ready.

Our hair is one of the things we've got to take care of and by doing so, organic products are for sure what we need to do the job.

Thank you.

Please share for others to benefit.

Favour Victor

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