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How To Make Your Lips Pinker and Softer

Our lips are a vital part of our face.It can degrade or enhance our feminity or masculinity;as the case may be.The lips has many advantages physiologically and it's aesthetic purposes are not an exception.God is indeed wonderful.Just imagine yourself without lips.

So many factors can be responsible for darker lips. Some of which include genetics,stress, smoking, dehydration,lack of blood circulation to the lips and so on. It is important to note that if genetics is the cause of your dark lips,it is almost impossible to have pink lips. You may have to use chemical products which have some side effects most times.

The first way to take care of your lips is to stay hydrated. Water is very essential in hydrating cells of the body and of course the lips are no exception. Using products to lighten the lips and not taking enough water results in pink and dry lips and this does not sound attractive neither does it look attractive. Water is key to a pinker,softer and healthy lips.

Organic products can be used to lighten the colour of the lips. Sugar and honey is an effective, affordable and readily available lip scrub that can lighten the lips. Homemade lip scrubs can also lighten the lip colour. Beetroot juice is also an effective lip scrub as it's effectiveness lies in it's natural red colour.

Other lifestyles changes to lighten lip colour include:

Drinking enough water daily (About eight glasses per day)

Refraining from smoking

Using effective stress management techniques

Resisting the urge to lick the lips frequently

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