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Top 4 unique Nike shoes in the world.

Nike was originally founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon sports but became Nike,inc.on May 30th 1971.if you didn't know, the name comes from the Greek Goddess of victory.

Since Nike started releasing shoes,there have been some really special sneakers.

So in today's Article,we would be talking about the 4 most unique Nike shoes in the world.

1). Air flight 89.

Air flight sneakers became iconic in the basketball field when they were built in 1989 and have remained a firmed favorite shoe for over 30 years.The Air flight 89 is built on top of air Jordan force meet so talling,it is often consider that quite a century Air Jordan sneakers.These shoe are supposed to be able to give the wearer major landing comfortability, the nature aiding stars is still popular today and it has been many special edition of the Air flight 89.People love the visible bubble straves and the shoe have been released in different colors and materials and in 2009, a new version of the shoe were released causing the stagic styles fans to dig out their wallet.Before I move on to our next points,I want to show you an image I found out of an awsome looking Nike shoe,these looks like a classic Nike shoe except it is totally transparent,it is made of glass,it would make more sense for it to be made of plastic because a glass shoe sounds out terrible ideal specially for an act of shoe,when you are wearing Nike you will be able to wear them out but that will not be possible if they were made of glass,even if they were made of plastic that is very pretty cool, but I think these sneakers are only looking awesome without people wearing them.Do you really want to see people's feet expose in these shoe?, you have to always put on your socks.2). Air Mowabb

Checkout these Nike Air Mowabb first released in 1991,these shoe are immediately eye catching and with their bold colour designing speculed outside,the air Mowabb have become an eye contact for further generation.The shoes were designed by tinker Hatfield and future near primed enbootis, original colours were blue, black and cream.The shoes were Celebrate that it has been released and other colour way styles.In 2005, the shoe was released to celebrate 25 years ACG ennovation,in 2019,another all black air Mowabb was released by comega shoes who released triair mega shoe wearers.

3). Hyperdunk

The hyperdunk wouldn't have not been weared today without the help of a basketball super star Kobe Bryant.I just want to take a second to say that kobe Bryant was and will always be a legend,in his death 2020 was one of the most hard heart breaking tragedy in sports history, they were no word that would ever be good enough to unigise and more than seven(7) who lost their lives in a tragic Air crash including his 13 year old daughter Gianna.Never the less,I just want to take a moment to remember the late hero before telling you about the shoe, alright Kobe Bryant would never be forgotten.

The Hyperdunk was released in 2008 and was the favorite of Kobe, the legend star helps the shoe go viral when he put on a pair and jump on a moving sport car,later that year,the Hyperdunk was place a polian at the Beljing Olympics after United State men and women Basketball team one Gold.

4). Air Max

You will likely recognized the iconic Og Nike Air Max,they were released in 1987 in a TV commercial ibido show revolution which was the first time ibido song has been in a TV commercial show, the first Air Max was designed by Tinker Hatfield and was held with pays for his enovated design, the Air Max was the first sneakers to offer clean window in for the shore, you know what am taking about, the little clear penle,these was inspired by elgaloring pairs and claimed the made the shoe Air Technology visible, the Air Max became hardest shoe of the 90s and 95 edition sending people crazy, actually causing space of rubbery and January 2020,the Air Max was announce with both coloured ways,they eliminated edition unique sneakers were released In late March 2020.Some people are saying that the Air Max 90 is the best thing to happen in 2020, although they are both pretty love am I right.I wounder what those who have a pair actually gotten use out of them.

What do you guys think,do you think these sneakers are good for fashion?.If it is would you buy a pair.let hear from you by commenting in the comments section below.

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