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Beautiful Traditional Wedding Attires for Couples

Glamour!! Glamour!!! Glamour!!! that's how couples are meant to radiate on their traditional wedding day. Apart from make up and interior decoration, the attire of the couple matters a lot.

Traditional wedding attires can only turn out beautiful when the styles are properly chosen and planned for.

Here are Beautiful Styles that you can choose from, for your special day.

1. Isi agu Designs

Isi Agu print design is one of the most stylish African indigenous cloth worn by igbo people especially those with chieftaincy title.

It is an expensive Material and most times only affordable to wealthy ones.

In recent times, these isi agu prints grace the traditional wedding occasions across Nigeria. Even non-igbo rock this material for their wedding.


A touch of isi agu prints blended with white and red materials. Most couples save themselves the stress of purchasing more yards of these prints, they rather make do with a touch of the prints on their outfit. And this always turn out beautiful.


Isi agu top for the groom, adorned with royal beads and staff. The bride chose a colour of material that blended well with grooms attire.


Both couple are rocking different shades of isi agu. The bride goes all traditional from her hair style to her isi agu gown, which is actually stunning.


Clearer Picture of the couple above. The groom didn't go for full dressing with isi agu prints, probably his shoes will be designed with isi agu prints.

This is beautiful and i would recommend isi agu designs for upcoming couples and grooms with chieftaincy title.


So far i haven't seen grooms rocking a full isi agu outfit. They either use it as the kimono, or the shirt top. The brides always rock full isi agu prints as either gown or wrapper.

This style is beautiful and the shade of isi agu print is different and unique.

2. Plain Materials Design

Most Couples prefer to go for simple designs with plain materials. Depending on the styles and design, embroidery designs can be attached to the attire. They also make it more stylish by wearing beads, gele and caps.


Ravishing design, the couple chose two colours that match each other.


This one is called Owambe special, both couple are well dressed with a matching material and same colour of material.


Groom on white Senator, bride on an embroidered orange attire. This is beautiful and worth trying out.


The Bride goes all cultural on this one. George material tied from the chest, endowed with necklace and waist beads. The hair is styled with royal beads too.

3. Akwa ibom Cultural Designs


Most couple try to copy the akwa ibom cultural outfit for their traditional wedding and it always come out lit.


Another akwa ibom cultural attire, where the groom is fully dressed with akwa ibom attire in red. There bride always look astonishing.

4. Ankara Designs

Recent times, Ankara designs are rocked for traditional wedding in all tribes of Nigeria. Depending on your fashion taste and budget, you can try out using Ankara Designs.



5.Yoruba Attire Designs


Simplest Yoruba Attire i have seen so far. The cap is usually worn by Yoruba grooms, the blue is royal and beautiful.


Agbada makes the groom look like an icon. Reminds of me of Laycon from Big Brother. Agbadas are also fashionable, even the igbo grooms rock this attire.


White Agbada with some touch of George material. This is a beauty to behold.

6.Abiriba Attire Design

Abiriba is one of the local government in Abia State and here the groom is dressed as an abiriba groom. White shirt on a tied wrapper, the material for the wrapper is usually used to make the cap to be worn by the groom.

Abiriba men always rock this attire on their special day.

Which would you like to try out on your big day? Like and share to intending couples and friends.

Content created and supplied by: KwinExtar (via Opera News )

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