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5 Harmful Things You Should Not Do To Your Hair Before Going To Bed

While preparing for bed, most ladies pack their hair in the hair net before sleeping. However, their are certain things you shouldn't do to the hair before bedtime in other to prevent hair damage, promote a healthy hair, and wake up healthier. These things will be discussed in this article.

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Harmful Things You Shouldn't Do To Your Hair Before Going To Bed:

1 Refusal to tie up the hair: inother to prevent hair breakage and tangles, it is healthier to tie up the hair loosely or cover the hair before sleeping especially if you have a long hair.

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2 Sleeping on a cotton pillow case: to prevent hair breakage, frizzy and dry hair, and enhance a healthy hair a silk pillowcase is needed.

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3 Packing the hair with rubber or metal bands: to enhance a healthy hair and over all health, rubber or metal hair band should be avoided before going to bed.

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4 Sleeping with a wet or moist hair: to prevent hair damage, your hair should be dry before going to bed.

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5 Sleeping in a dry room with the central heat on: this does not affect the hair alone, but can cause other conditions like: flaky skin and chapped lips.

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