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These Akwa Ibom Cultural Attires will make you Fall in love with them, See 30+ Adorable Photos

Akwa Ibom, the state is one the best in Southern Part of the Country. There are 6 major tribes or languages that you can find in the State. Among them are Ibibio, Annang, Iron, Eket and Obolo. All these tribes have their own cultural attire but there is a slight difference in them, mostly the once worn by women.

The Cultural Attire is mostly worn by couples during their traditional marriages. This does not mean that the dress or outfit is worn by couples alone. Mostly, people tend to wear them when they have a special event or occasion

In this article, I will not only focus on one of the Tribes alone, but I will show you photos from the different tribes.

For the bride (ladies), the outfit that is very Common amongst them is a blouse and double wrapper, with a headgear tied into beautiful formas and shape. They can also go on a short wrapper and a half top, with plenty of beads to style their hair, and even add an adorable golden comb.

Here are some lovely photos of the outfits

Sometimes you will see the ladies or brides with a staff on their hands, and an umbrella that has the same colour with their outfits

The Men (groom) normally put on a shirt that is close to their knee level and tie a wrapper, if it's a couple, the wrapper he will tie will be the same colour with the one his wife is putting.

Some may prefer to put on a black cap while others may not wear any. Their cultural attire is really adorable and their brides are really beautiful. Don't you think that are also beautiful?

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Akwa Ibom Annang Cultural Attire Eket Obolo


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