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Moyo Lawal Shows Off Her Face Without Makeup, Says "She Is Blessed With Morning Glow"

Makeup is simply what we use to add more beauty to our outward appearance. It could come inform of lipsticks, eye liner, Foundation, eye pencil, brown powder etc. The main work of makeup is that it makes our faces to glow while in public places. Most times, due to the nature of makeup we wear, we might become the centre of attraction amongst others. Lovely right?

The fact remains that, even though makeup adds more value to our looks, not everybody likes to wear makeup. Even those who do, sometimes go natural without wearing makeup.

Just like some people rightly say, makeup does not make one beautiful, it simply adds more beauty to the beauty that is already there. I think I agree to this. This is because, I have seen people who wear heavy makeup but still look horrible. This doesn't in any way signal insult, it's just to drive home a point. I believe in the saying that everybody is beautiful in her own way.

Makeup can be heavy or light depending on the choice of the individual. It's good we wear what fits our complexion and looks, rather than copying what looks good on others.

In line with this, Moyo Lawal is an actress who is mostly seen with facial makeup. She is naturally beautiful but uses make up to add more beauty to her already beautiful self. Today, she decides to go makeup free.

Looking at her face today, it's natural and without any artificial attachment. According to her, she is blessed with early morning glow, so there won't be any need for any makeup.

Truly, her face glitters like morning dew, to me, she should continue going natural because the beauty is already there.

See her photos without any makeup below as she glows:

Photo credit: Instagram

Content created and supplied by: Channy (via Opera News )

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