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How I turned my old jeans into classy ripped jeans with these photos

Do it youself(DIY) tips for ripped jeans

If you are the type of person that likes staying fashionable yet simple and don't really like spending ridiculous amounts of money on things you could easily make yourself, then you are in the right place, and we should be friends because we obviously have similar tastes so you should most definitely follow me for more articles like this.

Ripped denim or as it's popularly called, crazy jeans is a fashion trend that has come to stay for a while now. I have noticed that most of the vendors and boutiques that sell these jeans tag it with a more expensive price than normal jeans that hasn't been ripped, that is very backwards in my opinion, although i must admit that it is a trendy outfit with a popular demand so of course, by following the law of economics the price will go up. I have compiled a step by step procedure on how to make your own ripped jeans at home to look like the ones sold in boutiques with pictorial illustrations.  This is how i made mine, and it came out really chic and fabulous.

1. Get a pair of jeans- It could be the one that you already own or a new one you just bought from the store. Note that ripped jeans look better when they are faded to some extent, than jeans with darker colors, it all depends on your preference.

2. The tools you will need include sandpaper or any material that can roughen up the surface of the jean, scissors, pencil or chalk, ruler, measuring table, and box cutters if you have any at home, if you don't you can always improvise with forceps or anything of a similar structure.

3. Lay your jean flat on a table and pick the spot you want to rip, then use your ruler to measure the exact length with your pencil. The most common design is the knee rip, if you are going for that, put the jeans around your waist to locate your knee length, then mark the spot slightly above your knee so that after the jean has been ripped, it won't be tearing around your knee whenever you bend.

4. For efficiency, you can look for a hard material to put in between the inner leg of your jean, at the exact spot you want ripped, so that when you are doing your rough work, it won't affect the other side.

5. Then start moving the sandpaper against your jean to fray and thin the surface, so that it can easily be ripped, an alternative to sandpaper is pumice stone (A stone with a rough surface used for washing underneath the feet), or if you don't have any of these things just get a nail file, the process might take longer, but it will get the job done. This thinning process is necessary if you want your jeans to look legit frayed with threadings coming out of the cut, but if you don't want that, you can just skip this step and go straight to cutting.

6. The next step inolves delicacy, after the area has been weakened by fraying, you then look for a sharp object like a knife or scissors and use it to pull the thread fibres between your marked spots, so that when the jean is worn, the space can reveal your skin.

7. You then make a small cut across your marked spot with scissors, ensure that you cut horizonally, across your knee, and make the cut as tiny as possible so as not to ruin your jean.

8. After the previous step, you then use your hands to rip the jean, this will be much easier since you've thinned the sueface of the jean by fraying, tearing with your hands will make the rip look more natural and bring out more thread than if you use a scissors to just make a clean cut.

9. Your ripped jeans is ready to be worn. You can decide to reinforce the sides of the tear by sewing around the sides to prevent the jean from ripping further along the sides.

You can decide to just fray the jeans into horizontal threads by removing the vertical threads in the jeans with either forceps or scissors, if you go with this method, there is no need to rip the jeans again. Fashion is art, you can always improvise and try different styles, who knows, maybe you can even create the new fashion fad to trend for the season, just have fun with the procedures and see where it takes you, the world is your oyster.

Hope these tips helped. If they did, don't forget to follow, like, comment and share.

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