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6 Different Ways to Wear a Brooch

If we start grading classic and old jewelry, brooches will take an important position. Before many of us were born, they have been around, and strangely, they are still in vogue. This ornament is usually fastened to clothing, especially shirt with a hinged pin and catch. 

The traditional way of wearing brooches is to fasten to the upper part of your shirt, but there are numerous and sophisticated ways of wearing this jewelry. Brooches are the only accessories that can be placed on any part of your body. Every woman should have, not one, but a couple or more of brooches for different occasions.

Learn about the different ways to look exotic in brooches in this article.

The traditional way

The typical way of wearing brooches is on the left upper side of a woman's dress. Many royal women and affluent women were their brooches on the left-hand side. They are regarded as sophisticated and classic this way. The new styles are more exhilarating, as highlighted below:

Blazer lapel

One cute way to call attention to your brooch is to wear it on your blazer lapel. That can be on the left or right-hand side. 

One of the collars of jackets 

You may also wear your brooches on the collar of your jackets. Your jackets can be denim, bomber, or any other casual jacket.

Around the neckline

Wear your brooch around the neckline, in between the two collars, or in the middle of your neckline. This position often creates the look of a necklace.

On your hats

Yes, your brooches can also make a great appearance on too of your head. 

In your hair

Like hair clips, brooches can be an excellent addition to another hair adornment.

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