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How to Look Stylish in Warm Weather

The "warm" weather in Nigeria obviously, isn't simply warm, it's blistering. So hot that it's loaded up with sweat, extraordinary heat, and the need to quite often strip and need to live in chilly water till the heat dies down. 

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This weather has a method of restricting your wardrobe decisions, but don't fret, I am here to give you a few hints on the best way to kill, even in serious heat. 

1. Don't Do Long Sleeves 

The main principle of enduring the heat is to wear short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts. Thusly, you have better possibilities of not cooking in the heat. 

Hot Weather Clothing: What to Wear in the Heat | Fashionisers©

Then again, you can wear breathable or light garments with long sleeves, on the off chance that you totally should. 

2. Stay away from Heat Inducers 

This incorporates garments that are not breathable (like cowhide, spandex and polyester), and garments that are dull. Prohibitive garments leave you feeling smothered, sweaty, and malodorous as more sweat develops, so stick to light, breathable garments. 

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Dull tones hold heat, so keep away from them at all costs, and stick to lighter shaded garments. 

3. As a little something extra, wear garments that fit you freely, so you get more air, and for hell's sake, lay off the layers!

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