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During Covid: Is It Safe To Buy Second Hand Materials?

Following the outbreak of the covid virus late 2019 into 2020.

Many people have taken various precautions to be in good health. Precautions like staying in door always - and also - some have taken precautions like cutting out on the number of used clothes they put on or purchase.

But then, with a critical survey, it is easier to observe that okrika brands stand more at higher advantage than it does at disadvantage.

First, with the general knowledge that many people went financially weak during the pandemic, especially the lockdown, one of the ever trending benefits of the okrika clothes is its affordability, even when other materials skyrocket in prices, the OKRIKA CLOTHES ARE VERY MUCH AFFORDABLE.


Research on this topic by the World Health Organization revealed that the chances of catching Covid-19 through a package from an infected area or person is `low’ and have claimed it is safe. 

As a backup to that research also, the Harvard Health has pointed out that the only extra precaution for avoiding the spread of the Covid through clothing materials and all that is by washing them-which-of course is dome by the Okrika sellers.

Another deeper research came out to point that fabrics are unlikely to carry virus longer than 24hrs.

So, as regards purchasing Okrika goods during this Covid, you need to put your mind at rest, Okrika goods are quarantined before they are aliped into this country, they are also washed by the Okrika vendors.

This is more than enough safety measure against the Covid.

So, when next you go to purchase a cloth at our markets, put your mind at rest that we have put Covid at bay. Just for you

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