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Ladies Checkout Different Ways Of Styling Your Gele

Do you ladies realize how much more attractive they are when their hair is covered? If you want to look hotter and more attractive, cover your head with a gele. If you're having trouble tying your Gele, you should consult a professional. Professional women in the beauty and fashion industries usually know how to tie a headwrap. Hiring a stylist is a simple and low-cost option.

One, Wear the long, thick gele cloth wrapped over your head like a headwrap to achieve the authentic gele look. You can get the required hold if you just pin it down.

Two, To make a turban gele, just coil a square or rectangle of gele cloth. Wrap it around your head and continue wrapping. The ensemble would be complete with a tucked-in tail. 

Three, you can make a Waved Gele by cutting two squares of gele fabric into a waved design and then tying them together at the top of your head. Let the ends dangle from your temples. They need to be pinned down so they can't escape.

Four, To make a puffed gele, loop a long piece of gele cloth in front of your head and twist it twice. Gather the extra material and fold it in into the loop. You may now pin your puff and take it with you.

Fifth, mowogele

roll two pieces of leftover gele cloth into little balls. Attach one to each side of your head with a pin, then drape the remaining gele fabric over your shoulder.

The sixth technique involves covering your head with a long length of gele cloth from behind. After putting it together, rest it in the middle of your forehead. The end result will be a timeless and fashionable gele cut.

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