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Beautiful, classy acrylic nail designs just for you.

Nails are the main thing in this generation. But let's first see how nails were formed. Historically, artificial nails were common symblos of status all over the world: -During the Ming dynasty of China, noble women wore very long artificial nails as status symbol to show that they can't do manual work.

-Also, in early 19th century Greece, upper class women often wore empty pistachio shells over their nails.

-In most recent times, precisely 1954 ,Fred Slack a dentist broke his finger nails at work and created an artificial nail as a realistic looking replacement. After several attempts, he and his brother finally perfected it and patented a successful version and started a company, Patti Nails.

Over the years, acrylic nails have evolved and become more beautiful, original and authentic. There are now over a million designs of nails in any length you like.

But take caution because improper removal could damage the nail bed and your natural nails, so let a nail technician do it for you. And intermittent use could affect the nails because of the glue used.

More designs below;

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