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Why you should stop your wife from wearing trousers (opinion)

In our today's society, fashion is one of the things that is trending. In the olden days, we only know men to be wearing trousers, not women. Nowadays, we can see both men and women wearing trousers, which I don't think should be accepted. 

Elizabeth Smith Miller is often credited as the first modern woman to wear pant and ever since then, other women have started wearing it. 

In this article, I will give you some reasons why you should stop your wife from wearing trousers. is not proper for a housewife to wear trousers.

You shouldn't allow your wife to wear trousers because she is already a housewife. I'm not saying your wife shouldn't look good, but it is not when she wears trousers that will make her look beautiful. There are beautiful and better gowns she can wear. 

2. Your husband might not like it.

Men have different tastes. Your house might not fancy it. To avoid discrepancy, study the kind of man you have, if you noticed he doesn't like it, don't bother to wear it. Don't lose your man because of your dressing.

3. It might make her feel young, and then it can lead to waywardness.

We all, of course, know that some women look more attractive in trousers. You don't know who your wife is going out and where she is going. She might see some men who appreciate her and if she is moving with a bad gang, she might join them and which can lead to waywardness. 

This is what I think, I'm sure you will have something to say.

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