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Dear Muslim Ladies, Checkout These Creative Body Art Designs

Fashion is not all about hairstyles and outfits. Your creativity in terms of what you do with your body and clothe is what makes you look attractive. Today, I will be showing you some beautiful body art designs that are popularly worn by our Muslim sisters. In celebration of this salah, you can put any of the below designs to make you look hot and sexy.

The body art you saw above were curated by our top stylists to make this salah celebration a wonderful one for you. In addition to what you saw above you might as well Ade your own design to it to make it look unique and classy. Body art designs are popularly worn by Hausa ladies in northern part of Nigeria. You will see them going about with different art designs on their feets and hands. At times you will find then on their chest and breasts. Finally, it does not matter where you put them but make sure it is a place you want it to be seen.  

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Ade Hausa Muslim


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