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4 Suitable Clothes for Casual Fridays

Fridays indicate the end of any busy week, and it is a day where you lose up the tie and throw in some of your styling skills. Changing your outfit on Friday from the usual pattern can set you in the right mood for the weekend and make you look forward to a good day in the office. 

Casual Fridays mean you can wear less formal trousers with some native wear or casual shirts. Nonetheless, you must be familiar with the policy of your office before making any decision.

Read this article as we dive into comfortable Friday wear you can start wearing.

1. Change your jacket and remove the tie

You can loosen up by removing your tie and switching your suit jacket for blazers or sports coats. You also don’t need to button up completely; loosen a few upper buttons of your shirt and don’t close up your jacket.

2. Wear an Ankara or African print shirt

Another casual Friday outfit is an Ankara or Kampala shirt with chino trousers. This combination is an attractive way to make a quick trip and show you are a traditional man.

3. Flannel shirt and a chino or cotton pant

Go for a collared flannel shirt with cool colors to match your beige or any suitable cotton pant. Meanwhile, ensure your pair of trousers is not too tight or skinny. Remember, it is still an office environment even if you are permitted to dress freely. You may tuck in your shirt as well.

4. A crew-neck sweater and cotton pants

If you want to stay warm on one of your Fridays, you can wear a sweater with a pair of chino or jeans trousers as long as it is allowed in your workplace.

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