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See the mistake every good looking guy makes

See the mistake every good looking guy makes

Gentlemen, you all are true looking, that’s an undisputable fact but on occasion even Good searching guys make some absolutely stupid mistakes in relation to style and fashion. But nowadays that’s approximately to change, Am going over Six Style errors that Even Good searching men like you still make!

First of all we’ll must help every other out, I’ll assist you provide a useless Punch to those style errors and also you’ll help me click on that comply with and Share button! You got it? Sure you do.

Let’s begin!

1. Full pockets

There you are looking cool as hell to your slender match denims, taking walks with self belief round metropolis and giving the girls your attractive wink, but sadly there’s a bit problem, Your wallet are too complete! With your wallet, smartphone and stuffs like that. The issue approximately slender fit denims is that whilst you put so much stuff in them, they generally tend to look too cumbersome and that’s no longer simply appealing.

2. Jacket cuff masking watch

This normally occurs when you put on a protracted sleeve jacket alongside your steeply-priced watch, the cuff of the jacket covers up your watch leaving your wrist location cumbersome and retro.

3. Fat Tie

Who the fuck still wears this?

Surprisingly, many properly searching guys do! I see it regular, After sporting a totally classic match and a dope leather-based shoe, They’ll now Wear one of those massive fats ties that covers the center line in their blouse making them appear to be Nigerian politicians of the 1980s! It’s no longer cool bro, only old people are allowed to wear those!

4. Socks on denims

Apart from casual days and indoor wears. This is virtually no longer allowed; Wearing a jeans trousers and a sock, and although a few Nigeria celebrities were capable of make it a trending fashion, Most instances it may absolutely look unstylish and awkward on normal everyday human beings.

Five. Low waist

Okay guys, I recognise many of you might disagree with me in this, (it’s okay, you can inform me about it in the comment phase) but mehn….That is bullshit! Why could you preserve your denims beneath your waist, It’s no longer funny, it makes you look irresponsible. And looking like irresponsible isn’t fashionable, at all!

6. Too lots add-ons

In my opinion add-ons are first-rate, a easy bead or bracelet along your watch, perhaps a neck chain, but occasionally some dudes wear too many and it’s no longer honestly fresh. It makes them appearance appear like they want all of us’s attention to be on them.

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