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Check Out This 12 Wonderful Wedding Cake Designs.

In this article will be sharing with you some simple, and complex lovely and adorable cake designs.

Most at times, when it comes to the choice of cake for a wedding occasion, it is usually dependent on the cash at hand and the population of the wedding which could also affect the size and design of the cake.

So the wedding population can greatly affect the choice, size, and design of the cake to be used for a wedding occasion.

The following are some simple and complex cake design.

1. This is a simple lovely cake design, the step cake. It is usually very expensive and used mostly for rich and massive weddings.

2. This is a complex adorable cake design, which is also in a step form and could also be very expensive.

3.This is a very complex cake design. Only professionals can be able to make such a designed not even to think of the icing of the cake.

4. This is a very simple and amazing wedding cake. It could be used for a small wedding even by the wealthy.

5.This is also a simple lovely cake design that can be used for a small wedding.

6.This should be one of the finest cake design on the list. It is a complex and adorable design.

6. This is the finest cake design on the list. If you doubt, pick your best and let's know in the comment section.

It is an adorable and a complex cake design. The colour of the cake will suit for Igbo weddings. The beads alone portray that the cake is for an Igbo traditional wedding.

7. This is also a very complex and lovely cake design. From the look alone, one can determine how cost it may be.

8. This is an adorable and a simple cake design. It looks very simple and could be use for small weddings.

9. This is a simple and wonderful cake design. It looks very simple and adorable, it also could be used for small weddings.

10. This is a simple and a wonderful cake design suitable for small weddings. The cake design portray a tie.

11. This cake design is a lovely one. It is a little bit complex and portray the Igbo tradition.

12. This cake design look so simple, but can also be used for weddings most at times a small wedding.

You can pick from this cake designs for your wedding. Corona virus can not stop our joy. My best is number 6, you can also pick your best and let us know in the comment section.

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Thank you.

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