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Clear Dark Knuckles This September Using These Home Remedies

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A beautiful face with dark knuckles is very embarrassing for some of us who are battling with it . People who have tried different hand cleansing products ,have noticed that once they stop using the products the dark knuckles appear again  .

This article will enlighten you about what dark knuckles is all about and equally show you home remedies which will put a stop to it for good .

What are dark knuckles ?

Dark knuckles are conditions of the skin which makes the knuckles of the hands darker. Anyone can have dark knuckles irrespective of age , gender or place .How ever it is more visible in people with a fairer skin tone .

Below are home remedies You should try  

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1. Bleach the Skin With Lemon and Honey

Dark knuckles can be cleared using a mixture of lemon juice and Honey ,lemon has the ability to lighten the dark knuckles naturally , while Honey keeps the Skin soft , smooth and healthy .This mixture is to be applied on the affected area for 5 minutes , then rinsed using warm water everyday .

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2. Massaging the Knuckles with Almond Oil

Almond oil is a well known oil ,that greatly improves the health of the Skin Making it brighter and smoother. Applying Almond Oil on the affected area morning and night is a very effective method to clear the dark knuckles .

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3. Using Baking Soda Rinse

The baking soda should be properly dissolved ,then mixed with the mixture of glycerin and rose water , once this has been done the mixture should be poured into a medium sized bowl , that has warm water and mixed properly.Then dip your hands into the mixture for 10 minutes every morning .

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4. Applying Vitamin E and Milk Cream

Go to any registered drug store and vitamin E capsules,when you get home prepare a milk cream and add the content of one Vitamin E capsule into it and mixed properly , apply it on the affected area and massage it for 10 minutes then rinse it using warm water ,this should be done morning and night .

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5. Exfoliation

This remedy if done properly removes dark knuckles and dead cells that has been accumulated on the knuckles .Get a good scrub from the market that is gentle on the Skin .Then mix half tea spoon of lemon juice with 2 table spoons of sugar and apply it all over your fingers , using the scrub gently in a circular pattern for 10 minutes and then rinse with plain water .This is to be done morning and night to get positive results .

In conclusion ,dark knuckles can also be caused by medical conditions like diabetes , In this case a physician should be consulted for proper guidance. The remedies here need consistency and proper mixture to get the best results .

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Good luck .

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