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2 Things To Note As Lady Lost Her Eye After Fixing Contact Lens For Fashion

Losing one’s eye is never anyone’s prayer, a lady has shared what she experienced after fixing contact lenses in her eyes. She revealed that she just lost one of her eyes due to that. 

Fashion is a very good thing, but people really need to know how to go about it as some things we do for fashion these days have some effects that can be very critical. The use of contact lens is now everywhere, as so many ladies are used to fixing them in their eyes. 

Image credit: Instablog

The eye is a very delicate organ and shouldn’t be toyed with. When doing something that has to do with your direct eyeball, it’s only right you go as far as you can in being careful. 

This lady revealed that she used to be a lover of contact lenses till the incident that made her lose one of her eyes. 

She said in the video she had spent a lot of money on it, all to no avail.

Although, there are medicated contact lenses which are not made for fashion, but to correct people’s vision. Even that needs to be handled with care as it sits directly on the eyeball.

Below are two things to note if you use contact lenses.

Image credit: Instablog

1. Don’t over-wear your contact lens.

Some people are fond of wearing their contact lens for a long period of time. Of course, you need to always remove it periodically. Wearing contact lenses for long can lead to infection or some other conditions, so it is advisable to always change it from time to time.

2. Remove the lens immediately if you notice you have any issue with your eyes.

Don’t overlook any small issue with your eyes whenever you use a contact lens. If you notice redness in your eyes, or you start feeling pain, you should remove the lens and immediately contact a doctor.

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