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Acne Vulgaris is My Worst Enemy

Episode 1:

Acne Vulgaris My worst Enemy

Acne, one enemy that just don't die no matter the arrows thrown at it. Sometimes treating them is just like patting a baby's back, pampering a mischievous child that grows up to be your worst nightmare.

 It feels like they just pop out from no where trying to still my happiness,leaving me with nothing but pain. The frustrating part was I had to leave with the memory of my pain due to the dark spots and scars it left that showed the world it won the battle.

Like my Mum would say, even if you fall you must rise again,Don't let them see your weakness.

If I were to count my weaknesses, Ance will always be my first.I couldn't face the crowd without people telling me 

"heh what's that on your forehead" "Heh what's that on your cheeks"

I heed from the crowd in my sacred chamber, my comfort palace.

Okay wait not that magic castle we see in movies but my lonely room, that one place my siblings won't just stop staying away from.

 I'm a princess in my castle but not the beautiful spotless Barbie princess you would think about but a princess who couldn't control her breakouts.

That's My story now let's talk about this ENEMY called ACNE

Lord Acne Vulgaris that's the Name sounds funny right?

It's actually an inflammatory chronic disease of the sebaceous follicles which are responsible for producing sebum or oil in our skin.

The thing is once our body clocks puberty our body begins to make more hormones which lead to our skin making more sebum that comes from our pores.

Too much sebum and dead cells can clog pores and trap Bacteria inside,now blood cells detects it's presence and sends its army after them.The army attacks these impurities leading to inflammation and the Almighty Acne.

Now you understand where all this is coming from

What you don't know is that serious Acne are sometimes caused by Hair care products that contain harsh ingredients,clogged pores,Popping pimples,Poor hygiene or lack of proper skin care,touching your face all the time,Excessive sweating,Irritation,Hormones and Stress

Do you know that Acnes are of various types,there are the:

1.Blackheads is a mild form of acne

2.Whiteheads are the mildest form too

3.Papules is a moderate form

4.Pustules also moderate

6.Cysts are the severe ones and you have to see the dermatologist.

How can I prevent Acne

1.Don't pop those pimples you see(can lead to infection and scars)

2.Choose makeup products that are water based not oil based(most especially for oil skin types)

3.Use products containing Zinc oxide, titanium oxide to protect the skin from Sun

4.Use products containing salicylic acid, isotretinoin

5.Use moisturizers

6.Make use of antioxidant serums(to prevent further oxidation of the oil)

So Acne is not that Mighty after all.

You can control and stop it with the right methods, products and tips

Stay tuned to mini two and discover the remedies that will change your life forever

Content created and supplied by: DrSmiletalks (via Opera News )

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