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Opinion: Top Ten States In Nigeria That Has The Most Beautiful Women

Nigerian is the largest and populated country in Africa, Nigeria has a population of about 200 million residence, Nigeria is not only populated, they are also rich in Natural resources. One thing about Nigeria is their culture, Nigeria have 36 states and each of those states, have up to 30 towns and villages which has different culture.

Nigeria, is also blessed with beautiful women, as a matter of fact Nigeria women, are the most beautiful, in the whole of Africa.

Let's take a look, at the top ten, States, that had the most beautiful and elegant women in Nigeria, not only in beauty but also in skills


Edo State

Edo state is the state, that has beautiful women in Nigeria, the women from this state are so beautiful that other tribe, visit the state to pick a wife.


Ogun State

Ogun State is also another State, with beautiful and lovely women, the women of Ogun State are not only beautiful, that are also very industrious.


Rivers State

Rivers State is also a very popular state in Nigeria, they have very beautiful woman and lovely women, the women from this state are not just beautiful, but they know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


Cross River State

The women of cross River State, are well endowed, not only in beauty, but also in the kitchen.


Delta State

Delta State have very beautiful women as well, their woman are not only beautiful, but they are also taught to be respectful to their husbands.



Abuja is one of the richest city in Nigeria, almost all girls from other tribes, can be found in Abuja.


Kano State

Have you taken a trip to the North, before, did you see their ladies, i am sure everyone can testify to the fact that Kano State, has very beautiful women.


Lagos State

Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria, the city is most populated by the Yoruba people, which is one of the tribe, with the most beautiful girls in Nigeria, in Lagos, you can also find beautiful girls, from other tribe.


Enugu State

Enugu State, came second on the list because, they are not only pretty, but they also respect their husbands very well, most men from other States, goes to Enugu to pick a wife, because of the way they are trained.


Imo State

The winner of the most beautiful girl in Nigeria, at the moment is from Imo state. Women from Imo State are not just beautiful, they are elegant, and they know how to carry their selves in public.

What can you say about this states, and their beautiful girls, do you have a state that you think is not added, please drop a comment telling us your opinion, using the comment section.

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