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Here are short gown styles made with Ankara that are certain to make you look elegant at any party.

The use of Ankara in the African woman's wardrobe is never going away. There are so many different ways to style Ankara as it is such a versatile look on anyone

In this article, I will be showing you different ways on how you can style your Ankara into gorgeous yet elegant short dresses that can work well for your weddings, for work, for your parties, for your birthday ceremonies and more.

1. Here we have this beautiful flower patterned material that his been styked into a short gown. We have a big poofy sleeves which add a lot of elegance to this look. What really brings this look together is the sweetheart neck which helps to bring life to any look you're going for. The cinched waist and the ruffle details of the pencil skirt add a little more detail to this look.

2. This flare style gown goes well with people of any age from 3 to 18 to 28. It is a very versatile look. Here we have a long neck with short sleeves and a fitted bodice meshed into a flared skirt. The fun pattern of this material adds a lot to this look and the subtle v at the middle of the neck gives it even more life.

3. Here we have a simple A-line dress with short sleeves. what really brings this look to life is the high neck and the hem which is flared.

4. Here we have a good example of how a simple dress can be lifted up with intricate details. You have a basic pencil dress with no additional details except for a huge flare sleeve which brings this look to a whole nother level and increases the level of elegance in which it portrays.

5. Here we have what looks like a simple dress but I can assure you this dress is anything but simple. We have a low neck and thin sleeves which are brought down making this an off-shoulder dress. Coming down to the skirts we have a 3 tired skirts. It looks to be ruffled or flared. Note that this court is not plated and that the layering does not go straight. Instead, it is somewhat asymmetrical. The simply gelel at the top is like the icing to the cake.

6. Here we have another two material dress with a simple sweetheart neck and a flare sleeve. The strings sleeves are the top makes this a cold shoulder dress. The bodice meshes into the skirt which is a flared skirt.

7. Here we have another example of how simple can be made to look even more elegant in this dress. The top half has intricate cut out that adds more life to the look. It is a simple pencil dress but with a cinch effect at the hem which gives it an uneven look.

8. This dress is anything but simple it is elegance in all its glory. We have the complex pattern detail at the sleeve that give this look a bold and elegant feel. The uneven hem and the brilliant mix of material just adds more life and more detail to this look.

9. Here we have a look that can only be described as bold. It is a mix of a plunge neck and a sweetheart neck, but with the use of this green lace material which is used to do the sleeves as well as the high neck just give this whole dress A whole new look that can only work for those who are able to carry it.

Coming down to the skirt area this is clearly a pencil skirt but with the excess material added at the sides gives it a kind of flare/skater dress style but it is in fact a pencil dress with excess materials arranged at the side.

10. Here we have a look that shows what it is to be a simple yet complex dress. The top half is a collared button-down blouse but instead of the usual long-sleeve it has an off-shoulder look with the bottom part of the slave being flared coming down to the skirt we have a simple flared skirt.

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