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Korean Inspired: How To Make The Best Scrub For Skin Glowing

Hi, Fans, welcome to my channel. I bring you another great lesson on how you can naturally glow your skin. Have you been trying to glow your skin, or you have tried many products but non gave you what you wanted? If yes then, worry not, because I will be sharing with you, the best and the most natural way to effectively glow your skin.



Bring your fresh tomato, use a grater to grate it. Add 2tbs of the grated tomato paste into a bowl, add ½tbs of sugar.


Add half a tablespoon of turmeric powder and 1tbs of aloe vera gel.


Add 2tbs of chickpea flour, mix it well. ( Chickpea, sometimes called, Gram, or Basen flour is originally from India and is sold all over the world. It contains healthy properties that can help in brightening and glowing your skin).

4. This is how the scrub should look like.

The End:Scrub your body with the remedy for 10-16 minutes, scrub it very well, then, wash it with clean water. This body scrub will brighten and glow your skin in a few days of using it.

If you want more result, please use this body scrub for 2-3 times a week. Please share this article.

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