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Instead of buying expensive products to get full, thick, long hair, use 150 naira to grow yours

Hello lovelies. I trust y'all are doing well. Today I will be teaching you how you can use this beautiful gift of nature to grow your hair, thick, full and long and interesting enough you can get it for as cheap as 150 naira.

A lot of people are having different issues when it comes to hair growth. Scanty hair, tough hair, stubborn hair, coarse hair etc.

The solution is Shea butter.

Shea butter is one of the secrets to long full hair. Many people make use of it and have come out with good results.

I saw a lady in a saloon with full hair, she is a mature woman around her early forties or late thirties with that kind of big hair. She told the saloon lady to wash her hair and that was when I realized that it is her hair. I asked the woman what she is using and she said its just Shea butter.

I then decided to check the benefits of Shea butter which I found to be profound.

Shea butter is gotten from the Shea-Karite tree.

It is a natural conditioner that provides amazing moisturizing properties. It is very good for hair. Our hair is made up of 10-13% of water. A reduction in this moisture would cause dry hair and affect hair growth and hence the need for a conditioner and moisturizer like Shea butter.

Shea butter is a moisturizer for scalp and hair. It helps people with strong and coarse hair a lot because it softens the hair and keeps it moisturized.

Some uses of Shea Butter for scalp and hair are;

1.) It is anti inflammatory

Shea butter can be used to soothe the hair or the scalp. A lot of things can irritate the scalp or hair; relaxer, dye, chemical hair treatments etc. Shea butter can be used to soothe it well.

How to Use;

You can melt your Shea butter in a double broiler and put it over boiling water, you could also use a stainless plate if you don't have a double broiler.

Once it has cooled and you can use it, apply it on your scalp with your finger tips and massage in a circular motion.

2.) It can be used for thick and full hair growth.

Shea butter contains a lot of nutrients that repairs hair follicles and aids hair growth. It thickens the hair and conditions it deeply.

How to use;

Apply Shea butter to your hair on a daily basis. You can also use as a pre-wash treatment. Mix with another oil such as coconut oil and apply to the full length of your hair. Cover and leave overnight then wash off the next morning.

3.) It is an antioxidant

The sun is a source of oxidative stress, which causes the body to age and also affects the hair follicles, Shea butter protects the hair from the sun because it is rich in vitamin E.

How to Use;

Apply Shea butter to your hair from root to tips.

4.) Shea butter softens hair.

Shea butter works as a hair softener and a moisturizer. It softens coarse hair and strengthens it thereby preventing breakage.

How to use;

Mix Shea butter with another oil like olive or castor or coconut oil and apply to the full length of your hair. You could also use it without oil as it conditions hair without making the hair feel heavy.

How to get Shea butter

Shea butter are of two types.

Refined Shea butter and unrefined Shea butter.

The unrefined or unprocessed Shea butter the best for hair, it has its complete healing and moisturizing properties.

You can get Shea butter can get unrefined Shea butter from local stores or local sellers into he market for as low as 100 naira.

You can get natural unprocessed Shea butter in the markets from sellers that sell traditional or local stuff, you could ask.

Shea butter in Hausa is "Shea man shanu", In Yoruba it is "ORI" and in igbo it is "Okwuma"

Whenever you want to melt Shea butter don't melt it on direct heat.

You can put it in a stainless plate and place over or in hot water.

How to differentiate between refined and unrefined Shea butter

Refined Shea butter has been chemically altered. It doesn't have its natural scent and is odorless and bleach white in colour.

The unrefined one has its natural earthly scent and is beige colour. It can look milk in colour, yellow etc. Color can vary but the refined one is white and odorless.

Shea butter is very good for hair you should try it. I would be posting many this for many hair issues.

Please like, drop your comments, share and follow me for more of this. Thank you and God bless you

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