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Five Everyday Essentials in a Lady’s Bag

A bag is an excellent addition to your outfit because it can be functional and stylish. Your dressing isn’t complete without a handbag, but what makes you more classy are the items your bag harbors. Whether you own a mini bag or a large bag, essential items should always be in your bag. Learn more about these items in this article.

1. Sanitary pad

Any woman of the right age should always step out with one or a couple of sanitary pads tucked in the inner pocket of her bag. It doesn’t matter if you are menstruating or not. You could just be helping a sister out or meeting any period surprise visit.

2. Tissue paper

You might not appreciate toilet paper now until you have to do some toilet business in a public space. It can save you some time and effort. Although water is the best alternative, you have to think about when water won’t be available.

3. A mini makeup kit bag

Your makeup kit bag can become handy after a meal or an impromptu post-work date. Your makeup kit should comprise a mirror, powder, lipstick/lip-gloss, and a nail file.

4. Sanitizer

A hand sanitizer keeps you away from germs as you touch one item or the other. Ensure the sanitizer container is handy enough. Stick it to your bag handle to remember to use it often.

5. Perfume

Whenever you shop for perfume, don't forget to purchase a small one for your bag. Smelling good at all times is a must for every woman. 

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