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Is this makeup or witchcraft? See photos of ladies who changed their looks completely using makeup

In the world we live in today, makeup has become a generally acceptable thing. Many years ago, makeup was seen as indecent and unholy but today, it has become a trend of its own. No matter where you go, both home and abroad, you will find various kinds of people using makeup.

Makeup is a nice beautifying agent that makes people, especially ladies more attractive. It is just like the salt in a food, the makeup make people look more beautiful, attractive and younger. With makeup, even a 55 years old woman can look like a 22 years old.

However, some people often take makeup to a very high level. People have now turned makeup into deception. They often use it to hide their true appearances which is very bad. Many women and ladies have now turned makeup into a means of deceiving people.

You can see a very pretty lady now, but when you see her without makeup, she's a different thing entirely. Besides, there have been numerous stories of men who chased out their wives after finding out what they really looked like without makeup.

I even heard of a man who married a fellow man thinking it was a lady. What kind of witchcraft is that. After marriage, the man then realised his wife was actually a dude. One can only imagine what the man felt when he found out.

Today, many people have changed makeup to deception. I remember one of my neighbours who was not really good looking but when I saw her on makeup, I could not believe my eyes. She had changed completely. I even began to wonder if makeup has not changed to magic.

As a guy, I always joke with my friends to be very careful when they see any beautiful lady. It's not all that glitters that's gold. Many ladies just use make up to hide their real face and appearance.

To show that makeup is taking a different turn, I would like to share some pictures with you that will have you wondering if these ladies changed their appearances using makeup or witchcraft.

Just take a look at this. If you didn't know this lady before now and you saw this two different pics, would you agree it's the same person?

She's an albino normally, but with the makeup, she's just a regular lady.

Just take a look at the change in skin tone.

This is a huge change if you ask me

Would you look at that!A naturally dark-skinned lady turned fair with makeup

I still can't believe they are the same person.

All I just have to say is wow!

Just look at the difference.

Where did all those spots go!

The face which was filled with spot has now become flawless and spotless.

Is this still the same lady?

That's a huge change.

Makeup is amazing!

See the way her pale skin just turned into a flawless face!

See the beauty queen de turned into.

The makeup hides the scar well.

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